CISTI'2010 - 5ª Conferencia Ibérica de Sistemas y Tecnologías de Información

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An embedded system and an architecture for access control and access management

Inácio Fonseca
Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Coimbra

Fernando Lopes
Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Coimbra ; Instituto de Telecomunicações - Pólo de Coimbra

This paper presents an architecture and a field
implementation for a flexible and scalable distributed access
control and management system, with application to the
educational environment. The distributed control modules are
based on embedded systems [1],[2]. Embedded systems are
becoming increasingly common due to the fast deployment of
advanced microcontrollers offering high processing speeds at an
affordable price. New controllers with flexible programmable
hardware, such as those implemented with FPGA and FPAA
technologies, supported by the flexibility associated with
ToolChain Tools [3], allow for simple and reliable use of Open
Source software. An example is the linux/newlibc framework for
the development of microcontroller applications. The presented
system uses a microcontroller with an Ethernet interface, to
validate users presenting a compatible Ibutton or RFID Card.
The user credentials are validated locally or in a central
database. Authorized users are given access to reserved areas. By
using a powerful database, very flexible and complex high level
administration and management functions can be implemented.
By sharing the local IP network infrastructure, maximum
commonality and flexibility are achieved.


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